I know what you're thinking. Where can I go to catch up on all the other Bitchfist Stories? Well, look no further, fucknuts! The archive is now active and all of your favorite yarns are sorted in chronological order! You're so fucking welcome!

Meet Bitchfist! He's a man with a plan: Punch crime in it's fucking face!

Meet McGillicutty! He's got a lot to teach Bitchfist about being a cop.

Lieutenant McGillicutty, Officer Bitchfist, and a mystery woman!

Legends begin here, motherfuckers!

Jerry's in a federal penitentiary, and he is not too happy about it.

Longfellow is a veteran bike cop. Today he gets a new partner.

Meet the OTHER Rookie.

Meet O'Spades. Keep'n it real.

The past has returned to fuck Bitchfist raw!

Big come down, Isn't that what you fucking wanted?


Meet Cumberland! He's a man with a plan! Oh, and his daughter is a real bitch!

McGillicutty's brother comes to town.

The Cocksucker Police Department has a new recruit.

This is a P.S.A. about bullying.

Convention Special 2013

Rookie meets his neighbor! Hilarity ensues!

Prostitutes, gym rats, and meth heads! Oh my!

Bum Fights!

Who let the dogs out?

Convention Special 2014

Rookie's about to get his dick wet!

Grandma's packing more than butterscotch candy in her purse.

Wish I had a teacher like this when I was in special education.

Heroes get remembered, but bitches never die.

Don't trust prostitutes! THEY WILL FUCK YOU!

Married to the mob? Not fucking likely!

Bitchfist and Rookie are about to get close. Too fucking close!

Bitchfist gets a prostate exam.

Mr. Ziti has his sights on ending Bitchfist's fucking life.

Cop killers on the loose!

How come you taste so good?

The one that started it all. Bitchfist has to defuse a bomb and shit.

Bitches aint shit (but hoes and tricks)

Baseball is boring as fuck! Softball is even worst!

Halloween Special

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. A bunch of fucking times.

Meet Bitchfist's daughter! She's a total fucking cunt!

You can't escape the long dick of the law. It will fuck you.